Professional Instructors


Solid Hip Hop's Owner 

[ Professional Dancer & Choreographer ]


J.R was trained by Michael Jackson choreographers, So You Think you can dance judges Shane Sparks, Mia Michaels and Wade Robson! She also auditioned and was chosen to dance as N’Syncs opening act and so much more! J.R’s training and expertise and desire to teach and train children will show in every class she teaches! Her choreography, costume and shows are excellent with nothing missing! Do not pass up this opportunity to work with the best in the industry!!!

OWNER J.R Started dancing at the young age of 2, started teaching at age 14, opened her Crew at age 24, and has been successfully open for over 15 years!


J.R Doesn’t just teach… She trains, builds self esteem, and brings every dancer to their best ability while achieving excellent technique and becoming an excellent dancer!


No dancer will go left out and all dancers will become THEIR best!


J.R provides excellent one on one customer service and teaches almost every class!


She and her teachers are excellent with technique and customer service. All dancers are treated the same no matter your level, age or talent.

Kelsi Davies

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Breakdance/ Hip Hop Instructor

[ Professional Dancer & Choreographer ]


Kelsi was trained right here at Solid Hip Hop before starting her Hollywood acting and dancing career! J.R trained Kelsi for 7 years to become a professional dancer, and trained her to become a teacher as well. Kelsi began as a Solid Hip Hop performer and competitor, and now has danced with Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, Mike Posner, and so many huge artists! She has also danced in an M&M's advertisement, and in a worldwide Samsung 360 Commercial. Kelsi's desire to teach and choreograph is unlike any other, she loves working with kids and watching them grow! Her choreography is one of a kind and she works along side J.R to create award winning routines and shows. Don't miss the opportunity to work with the best in the industry! 

**Fun Fact: She is also a Youtuber!

Kelsi started dancing with J.R when she was 12 years old, she started assisting when she turned 15, and had become a professional dancer & official professional instructor here at Solid Hip Hop when she turned 18!


Kelsi makes sure her students are having fun while learning the proper techniques in breakdance and hip hop. She is very patient with everyone and pushes dancers to always do their best!


If she see's a dancer who is shy, she always finds a way to bring them out of their shell and really enjoy their time at Solid Hip Hop.


We treat every dancer the same no matter what age, level, or talent.